Thursday, January 7, 2010

Catching Fire, possibly so titled because it might catch fire you'll read it so fast.

So I got Catching Fire for christmas, and my intention was to read it on the plane ride home to Saskabush because I needed to fill up over 3 and 1/2 hours. I only had to hold out one whole day, and my god was it hard! My reward? I smoked through everything but the last 50 pages on the plane and could barely tear my eyes away long enough to accept my pitiful shot glass of pop from the stewardess half way through the flight. AND I got weepy a couple of times, which was embarrassing because I was smooshed in the middle of two other passengers who surely noticed the fact I was frequently dabbing my eyes.

But it was worth the wait and the tears, and now I might self combust waiting for book 3. And that's another reason it might be called Catching Fire ....

So be warned, if you haven't fully read book 1 and you don't want to know who survives the games, DON'T READ ANY FURTHER.

In book two we catch up with Peeta, Katniss and Haymitch in the Victor's Village. Life should be easy without the burdens of poverty, but Katniss finds the changes that were set in motion during the games have overtaken her life. Who knew a handful of berries could set off a revolution? Katniss, like usual, is the last to figure it out. And Just as it looks like that might be her biggest problem, the quarter quell is announced.

Every 25 years a Quell is held, it's the the Hunger Games with a twist. And this twist is Katniss's worst nightmare. Que on plane weeping (which actually might have gone unnoticed since I had a really horrific cold and kept sneezing and loudly blowing my nose as well).

Needless to say another bloodbath is building, and it's only going to get crazier as book 2 ends with the most appalling cliff hanger possible. Be ready for all out war. And be advised, you'll have to somehow make it till August 24th for book 3, though god only knows how.

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
Published by Scholastic Press, Sept 2009

March 28th, 2012 re-read review add on's

Things are changing at a rate far too rapid for Katniss to keep up with. Her struggles to survive in this world where her mom and Prim no longer need her protection the same way, where nothing she can do will protect Gale and where even Peeta is subsisting at a level above hers is staggering. Watching her is heart breaking but watching how she steps up to the plate when forced into action is just as exciting as the first time around. That Collins can approach the same topic a second time and still keep it exciting and shocking is impressive.

Besides the enthralling story line, what I loved most about Catching Fire was how much Collins delved into the relationships. If book one was really about Katniss and sometimes Peeta, Catching Fire is when we get to know all the other people in Katniss's life better. Gale, Prim, Haymitch, and Katniss's mother all get more of the spotlight and it goes a long way to understanding Katniss more. Even Cinna, the prep team and Effie get a bit more face time.

I also love her bringing all the victors together, putting all these survivors in a room and seeing what happens. The most surprising thing was the humour, who would have thought all these messed up tributes could be funny? And thank god, because I think I cried even more in Catching Fire than in Hunger Games.

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