Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Surprising Fact

Until I got an email from irewards with regards to this, I had no idea that there wasn't some kind of access for those with partial or complete vision loss through the Canadian library system. Obviously, like most people, I wouldn't know because I'd never had call to find out or use such a service. But for 800,000 Canadians this means the loss of a lot of reading.

As an avid reader myself it's horrifying to me to believe anyone who wanted to could be denied the pleasure of a good read. And although our libraries have their short comings (I've read everything of note practically in my branch and the new books are painfully slow to come in and have long waiting lists when they do), I have always felt that they were an excellent resource for those with any desire to get into reading.

Goodness knows it's where i started! Every week i visited my local bookmobile (does anyone out there remember those famed trailers full of books?) in Saskatoon and trotted home laden down with the maximum number of books i was allowed to take out at once, 20. They would sit stacked beside my bed, until I'd gotten through them all, sometimes 3 or 4 renewals later. But every week I went back with the finished ones and topped up the pile!

Anywho... the CNIB, has set up a super simple letter writing website for their lobbying campaign. Honestly, nothing can be easier, it took maybe 5 minutes of my time. And i urge you to take the 5 minutes out of your day and help them, because reading shouldn't be a privileged thing, it should be a joy shared by everyone who cares to partake.

The Right to Read Campaign:

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