Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Coolest of the cool

So my good friend Mel, over at The Coma Girl Designs, sent me the link to these fabulous MacBook Cases a couple of weeks ago...AND I JUST CAN'T STOP THINKING OF THEM!!!

What more can a prolifc reader want than to pretend her MacBook is some fab hardcover book? They're hand distressed so no two are exactly alike, and the leather is "hardcover" to protect your laptop. Anyhow, I figured if I want one so bad, you might too!

Send the gift buyers in your life over to Twelve South, and you might just land one before I do!


  1. Makes me wish I had a Mac Book.

  2. Lenore, I have to say, it might be worth buying a Macbook just to have one of these! hahah, but seriously, you should check out the dimensions, it would probably fit a standard P.C.