Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fablehaven, Grip of the Shadow Plague

My Immediate reaction when I finished this book last night?? ACK! Why isn't chapters open RIGHT NOW! Oh sure, I had big intentions of just ordering the fourth book with the fifth book when Keys to the Demon Prison releases on March 23rd, from Amazon... you know, a nice big box of books for home delivery.
Hardy, Har, Har.
Thank god for Irewards and an Indigo three blocks from work, is all I can say, yah and hour long lunch breaks to get there on. Now how I'll make it through March waiting for book 5 remains to be seen, but right now I have another blissful 544 pages to keep me busy until the weekend (hopefully!), so I just have to focus on that, until it's done of course. Yes, yes, I can tell already that March will be the month of pining.

Grip of the Shadow Plague , picks up just a little later in the same summer in which The Rise of the Evening Star left off. Seth is busy trading batteries with Newel and Doren for treasure and Kendra is still brooding over Vanessa's revelation at the end of book 2. Tanu, Warren and Coulter have been abroad looking into the possibilities she's suggested, but have returned with unlooked for news. The Knights of the Dawn are meeting, and Kendra's been asked to join them.

Book three really encompasses a huge amount of story. There's an adventure through another secret preserve called Lost Mesa, plus the latest crisis at Fablehaven, not to mention half a dozen great surprise revelations. At this point I'm so enamoured of the characters that I wish Seth was my little brother, especially when he's being particularly difficult- like liping off to dangerous Centaurs, or gripping about his lack of excitement on a preserve full of crazy magical creatures.

"If you guys fought another three-headed flying panther, you're going to have to buy me antidepressants"
"Nope," Kendra said. "Just a dragon"..."I got to help feed zombies."
Seth paled. " You fed zombies," he whispered in awe. He hit the side of his leg with his fist. "Why do you torture me like this! You probably didn't even like it!"
"I didn't," Kendra admitted...
"You did converse with an ancient and powerful demon," Grandpa reminded him.
"I know, which was so cool, but she won't even care," Seth complained. "She'll just be glad it wasn't her. The only thing that would make her jealous would be if I led a parade riding a unicorn while ballerinas sang love songs."
"Don't try to pin your secret dreams on me," Kendra said with a smirk.

Am I going too far if I guarantee you'll love this book? Maybe (but I doubt it), so instead let me say that if you liked book one or two even an itty bitty're going to LOVE this book. And do me a favor, avoid my idiot repeat mistake, have Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary ready to go.

Fablehaven Grip of the Shadow Plague , by Brandon Mull
Published by Aladdin Books, March 2009


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