Sunday, February 14, 2010

For the Percy Jackson lovers out there.

So this weekend marked the movie launch of the very popular and uber cool Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Now I have serious doubts about the movie, the dude they cast as Percy is too cool and too old, but I'll still check it out, if for no other reason then to complain about it later.

Buuuuttttt, in much more exciting Percy Jackson news.................
You can now read the first chapter of Rick Riordan's next god complicating series, The Kane Chronicles, on the razzmatazz Disney site. It's releasing May 4th of this year, and promises to be another awesome storytelling adventure.

First chapters can be notoriously vague, but this is a goodie. And lets face it, the pet cat showed up in the first few pages, always a good sign. But the mysterious circumstances, the separated siblings, and the possible paranormal weirdness, all make for good indications of another slam dunk for Rick Riordan.

If the new series isn't the news you were hoping for when i mentioned for Percy Jackson lovers....than Ricks latest Blog post will be the news you're looking for. Yes he has started the spin off Olympians series that was promised back in the brouhaha surrounding The Last Olympian. Apparently he's nearing the end of the revisions for book one and hoping to get it to his editors in three weeks (he said that on the 11th). So cross your fingers and we might just get a nice September surprise! Go Camp Half-Blood!

The Kane Chronicles, The Red Pyramid, By Rick Riordan
Published by: Hyperion Books, May 4th, 2010