Monday, February 8, 2010

The Greatest Comic Strip Ever...

Someone online alerted be to the fact that today is the 15th anniversary of the end of the Calvin and Hobbes strip. And it made me a little sad, I have to say.

Until I read one of the cartoons, and then my day was made...just like it always has been with that little punk and his tiger.

One of the only thing in the world that will get me out of a bad mood or make me laugh and/or smile no matter what is the good old Calvin and Hobbes, everytime. And that has been the case since I was first introduced to the strip at the tender age of 8 (incidentally, one year after it got picked up, though how I came upon it in Saskatoon, Saskatchwan so quickly is beyond me). Like many I was horrified when I heard Bill Waterson was bringing it to a close, though I vividly remember my friends being more upset about the end of the Farside cartoon (which happened at the same time) and being very insulted over the whole thing.

Nowadays I share my love of Calvin and Hobbes with my husband, who'd turned into a rabid fan by my gentle insistence, and who now claims he wants The Complete Calvin and Hobbes more than I do. As if.

The Clevland post has done an article about the anniversary, which includes some early strips as well as a classic Bill Waterson interview, reputed to be his first in many, many years. Obviously I now have to plan a trip to the states this summer, if for no other reason then to stock up on Calvin and Hobbes Stamps. If I could use american postage I might have bought a life time supply!


  1. After looking at this post it seemed I might want to point out that the geeky looking fellow is Bill Waterson, drawing cartoons. Although my husband is both geeky and draws cartoons as well, he doesn't have a buzz cut and a mustache, or big old eighties glasses.

  2. That's it. When you come home tonight I will have a buzz cut and big eighties glasses, with a mustache soon to follow.

  3. Oh, and I'm getting that sweater too.