Wednesday, February 17, 2010

" If I have to tie you up and sit on you until this insane whim of yours passes, you are not going to Idris."

Ah, how the best laid plans go asunder. I suppose it's safe to say that obviously, everyone ends up in Idris for this, the third book in The Mortal Instruments series. It changes the feel of the series in a way but has a very nice flavour in and of itself.

Originally this was the final part in what was planned as a trilogy. But in August Cassandra Clare announced that there would be a fourth book, City of Fallen Angels. It's hard to say without reading the last book, but currently City of Glass nicely ends the story arc for me, so don't let the March 2011 release date of the fourth book put you off reading the series.

I can't say much about this book without giving stuff away, suffice it to say that the issues between Jace and Clary continue, Simon is struggling with his "life" change as an uninvited guest in Idiris, and the only city safe from demons isn't, at least not while Valentine has it in his sights.

I have to say I'm a stickler for endings in any book series; so many authors build up to such lack luster endings. And since J.K Rowling came along, I have had the most absurd standards that I tend to hold authors too. Cassandra Clare has made the cut with these first three books. The big climax was very satisfying, and her image of angels was as creepy as it was enthralling (super nice touch!). Obviously she put a lot of serious thought and planning into the series and it really shows.

The best part for those of us who loved the books, it has a sister series The Infernal Devices, releasing on September 7th, 2010 (yup that's right, exactly 2 weeks from Mockingjay's release! boy oh boy!!). Although it takes place in Victorian England, Cassandra has mentioned that Magnus will be part of the cast!! Parts of the ending to City of Glass have what looks like references to characters probably in this sister series and Cassandra Clare has said that although the Infernal Devices is it's own series it does interlink with The Mortal Instruments series. All in all this looks like it's shaping into a really great franchise of books.

City of Glass, By Cassandra Clare
Published by McElderry Books, March 2009

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