Sunday, February 28, 2010

My first guest Blog!

While perusing the Book-blogosphere, I ran into a book reading challenge that I can sink my teeth into. Started by Chelle of Tempting Persephone, Pursuing the Lioness is a challenge aimed at reading some or as many of Tamora Pierce's large list of published works as you can or want to.

Wellllll, seeing as the Lioness Quartet were some of my first absolute favorite books (outside of Grover's the Monster at the end of this Book), I most definitely had to join up one way or the other.
Unfortunately I had a Tamora Pierce rediscovery last summer and read all of her books except for 6 of them (including re-reading my beloved Alanna Stories). So I'm going to use this challenge as an excuse to finally get to those last six books I've missed and to re-read a couple of my especial favorites.

I'm also going to share my Tamora Pierce love affair in a guest post for Tempting Persephone, watch for it in the first couple of weeks in March!

For another great bloggers Alanna reminiscence, check out Persnickety Snark.


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