Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The third Hunger Games book gets a title and a cover!

So I'm not the early bird on this news, alas it is 7 days old! Which in Internet speak makes it virtual ancient history (which really was one of my favorite subjects, by the by). But I'm so insanely excited I HAD to pass it on.

Both the cover art and the title to the Third and final Hunger Games book has been announced!! And without further ado... here it is!!

And if you've read the first two you can recognize what a beautiful title Mockingjay is. Lets hope Suzanne Collins is of that wonderful group of writers who writes finely outlined books with masterful endings. So far it has certainly seemed to be the case.
I think I might just wish my life away until the August 24th release date.... cross your fingers for a midnight release!

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