Thursday, February 18, 2010

Would you drink the milk?

Growing up my grandparents had a house overlooking an idylic lake in northern Saskatchewan. Their front yard was a beach and their back yard was an enormous vegtable garden. We had a playhouse with bunk beds, where we spent a lot of our nights, and spent afternoons floating around in the lake or exploring the woods. It was heavenly.

On their first ever visit, Kendra and Seth have discovered that their reclusive Grandma and Grandpa Sorenson have a similarly idylic home. The difference between their grandparents and mine? Turns out theirs are caretakers of a preserve for magical creatures, good and bad, one of 5 secret fablehavens across the world. Geez, and I alwasy thought my grandparents had it all!

As exciting and enticeing as it would seem, the grounds are full of risks, and it's no small feat to keep two young kids from running into trouble. Their Grandpa Sorenson's warnings do nothing but entice Seth, although Kendra is carefull to follow the rules. Needless to say this leads them into a great deal of trouble,and you have to wonder... can one 13 yearold and one 11 yearold salvage the situation?

This series is garnering a lot of "the next Harry Potter" in reviews and commentary (as if every book of any note hasn't been called that since Harry Potter started it's long launch into the stratosphere of reading). But honestly, Harry Potter has a very special place in literature for me, and this certainly doesn't qualify as the "next Harry Potter" in my eyes, likely nothing ever will. That being said I'm really enjoying the series, I've already torn most of the way through the second book, Rise of the Evening Star, and am eagerly anticipating the March 23rd release of the fifth book.

Sisters Grimm, and not just because it's siblings with a Grandparent subsisting in the middle of a fabled environment. But the spirit is the same, lots of adventure and mystery, an evil group trying to take over, and the joys and horrors growing up in the middle of stuff most kids spend their entire childhood wishing for.

I adore the Sisters Grimm, and I have to say that Fablehaven
is fast becoming a favorite as well.

Fablehaven,by Brandon Mull
Published by Aladdin, April 2007

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