Saturday, March 20, 2010

Book two of the Immortals Quartet, Wolf Speaker

Book two of The Immortals series finds Daine and Numair heading to the valley of Dunlath to answer the call of help from Daine's old wolf pack.

The Long Lake pack have asked her to come help rectify the balance in their new home;  wood cutters are destroying the forest and chasing away all the game.  But it turns out the problem is far more complicated then it seems.  With the presence of Ogres, Stormwings, and traitors to the crown, to name just a few, Daine must discover and use all her available resources to pull through this situation successfully.

My Second favorite of this series, Wolf Speaker delves much further into the animal aspect of the story.  Daine spends a great deal of time conversing and dealing with any number of the forest dwellers, and I enjoyed where that took the storytelling.

Flicker the squirrel and Maura (one of the few new human characters) have some great parts to play, and Kitten (introduced in Wild Magic) is awesome, but then when has there been an un-awesome dragon?
 Especially a baby one.
 Maura's relationship with one of the Stormwings has downright laugh-out-loud moments;  But mostly its nice to see Daine's character develop.   A 14 year-old girl, discovering untold powers but still unsure of how and when to use them is, in itself, a great element.

Although this story has considerably less of the Tortall characters in it, I thoroughly enjoyed both the new characters and mysteries unraveling at Dunlath enough so that I didn't regret that there wasn't more of Alanna or the others.  But by book three I was glad they were back!

Wolf Speaker, The Immortals book 2, By Tamora Pierce
Published by Simon Pulse, May 2005

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