Friday, March 12, 2010

The Greatest Book Sale on Earth!!

So tomorrow marks the begining of my favorite event of the year. Not Christmas, not my birthday, but you're getting warmer. That's right, Balfours Half price book sale!!!!

What?? You don't know it??! Let me fill you in. Starting tomorrow at approximately 11:30am, Balfour will open it's doors to the public, offering half off EVERY BOOK IN THE STORE! This year the sale will run 5 days, meaning you have until Wednesday evening to haul home as many books as your bank account and bookshelves can handle.

As the shelves clear out Balfour puts more books out, so a couple trips will be well worth your while.

This year I'm going to try to be good, I was well behaved last year too, 4 weeks before my wedding seemed like a bad time to haul home 50-some new books. After all, little house party weddings need tidy little houses to have them in, I would have had to have used the books as coasters or something. I'll probably keep it to under 20 books this year. One year I bought so many books I had to go buy a metal shopping cart to get them home, I could deny it, but my bursting at the seam bookshelves tell the truth no matter what I say.

With a most excellent assortment of both coffee table art books, non-fiction, fiction and historical books, as well as a small section of children's and YA books, Balfour has something for everyone. Make sure you stop in if you'll be anywhere near Toronto between tomorrow and Wednesday.

Balfour Books
601 College St (middle of little Italy)
Toronto On.
(416) 531-9911


  1. wow I've never even heard of this!! And it's in toronto!! NO WAY!!! I will definitely have to check this out!!! THANKS!

  2. by far the best sale of the year, it's my christmas and bday all in one day!