Monday, March 8, 2010

In The Hand of The Goddess, Book two in the Song of the Lioness Quartet

Alright, so I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that Book two is my favorite mainly because it's when Faithful joins the cast. Of course the talking cat has to be my favorite of all the characters.

Covering the four years of Alanna being Prince Jon's squire and ending in the culmination of her Ordeal of Knighthood and big "I'm a girl!" reveal, this book was already set to be chalk full of adventure. But Tamora Pierce followed the same theory she did in book one, never too much action packed adventure and twisting tales. She's thrown in a dangerous rivalry with Duke Roger, a war with the Tusaines, Alanna's first foray into dresses and her first attempts at love.

Too much you say? Never, it makes for a super fast paced exciting read. And seriously, the moment both Jon and George accidentally discover her at George's mom's place all decked out in ladylike style, is worth the cost of the book right there.

In the Hand of the Goddess, by Tamora Pierce
Published by Simon Pulse, Jan 2005


  1. *grin* Yes! That moment is priceless. Made my 12-year-old tummy do flip flops.

    Still does, actually.

  2. It's still soo funny! i love that moment!

  3. Oh, that was a great moment! And who could resist Faithful?

  4. sigh, i'm nearing the end of book four, not looking forward to his demise. Mental note, do not read that part at lunch!