Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Libba Bray book deal

Ok, so I've been kind of quiet the past few days. I'll admit it, i've been in Fablehaven and Wyrmroost (the dragon sanctuary), and its been spectacular!
I've been dragging my heels, only allowing small amounts of reading per day to try and make the book last, but seriously... they're in a dragon sanctuary! Anyhow, I do promise a review tomorrow as i'll finish the last few pages tonight, yay!

But on to today's news, Libba Bray has broken her LJ cone of silence with a very amusing post about writers block, envy of the spectacularly productive authors she's friends with, and breaking Holly Black's coffee machine. You need a laugh, (i mean who doesn't?) check out the full post.

The big news she saved for the end of the post, last month she signed a four book deal with Little, Brown for a series she's calling The Diviners. Set in the jazzy 20's in manhattan, it's a supernatural historical series with a female heroine she's saying is reminiscent of Zelda Fitzgerald and Dorothy Parker. The first book has publish date of 2012; a long wait, but likely well worth it.

Finally, tune in to Tempting Persephone tomorrow for my guest post about Tamora Pierece and the Alanna Series.

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