Friday, March 19, 2010

Radio silence for March break ends

Ok, so March break was long, especially because I got a bad cold before it even started.  Never a good way to start an already tough week.  So i've posted an apology picture of my cat Cheddar Cheese (look, isn't he cute making his little angry face in a sombrero?) and I promise to fill the void with 2-3 new posts in the next couple of days.  

No matter how sick or busy I am, there's always time to read!

So know that, as soon as I enjoy this beautiful day (it's +18 out and wayyyy too nice to be inside or on the computer), and my good friend Jenna's b-day Indian feast extravaganza, I'll be dedicatedly reviewing the following:
The Immortals, book 2,  Wolf Speaker
The Immortals, book 3, Emperor Mage
The Immortals, book 4,  The Realms of the Gods
Also, because I haven't done a non-YA review in a bit, The Raw Shark Texts.

Finally, don't forget enter for your chance to get one of 25 signed early copies of Cassandra Clare's first book in the Infernal Devices series over at Entertainment Weekly's Shelf life page.  I have!!

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