Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wild Magic, Book 1 of The Immortals series

Since I was a little girl I've had a ridiculous love for all little furry, feathery or scaly beasties. I won't deny that it borders on ridiculous as I've spent copious amounts of time chatting to the neighbourhood cats, rescuing baby squirrels and damaged pigeons, adopting my own cats and generally fussing over every animal I come across.

Needless to say, my husband is an endlessly patient man, which isn't surprising since my eldest cat Topaz personally picked him for me. (You think I'm kidding don't you? hahah, nope, she really did pick him)

I suppose this helps make Veralidaine Sarrasri my kind of girl. On the road with only her pony Cloud for company, Daine is looking for safety and employment after her life is upended by bandits who destroyed her home and family. Luck is with her when she meets Onua, Horse mistress of the Riders, Queen Thayet's personal troops. Onua quickly discovers that Daine's talent with animals is more than it seems, but can Daine learn to use it in time to save her new friends?

Tamora Pierce's second series is also a Tortall book, thank the goddess! Because I still can't get enough of Alanna and her friends. Following a whole new set of characters, this story is a richly different one from the Song of the Lioness Quartet, but with just the right mix of re-appearances from beloved Lioness characters.

I especially love the animal element in the series. Since Daine's Wild Magic makes her one with "the People" there is a large contingent of animal moments (my favourite being her conversations with her often cantankerous pony Cloud). Seeing how I talk to my cats on a regular basis, without hope of response, it's not surprising that i dig all the animal/Daine conversations, and am just a little bit envious. Though to be honest, I think I'm rarely confused about what my cats are trying to convey, demands for food or snuggles are usually pretty clearly stated despite the language barrier.

The start of another fantastic Tamora Pierce read, I highly recommend following up the Song of the Lioness Quartet with The Immortals series, especially if you're like me and were jonesing for more anyhow.

Wild Magic, By Tamora Pierce
Published by Simon Pulse, May 2005


  1. I was so happy when I found the Immortals as well. I couldn't bear to leave Tortall. The animal moments only get better. My personal favorite comes in the third Immortals book. I'll be looking forward to seeing if we agree!

  2. hmmmm. Can't remember it, I love when i re-read a book and it's as if I've never read it before...handy!

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