Monday, April 5, 2010

First Test, Protector of the Small Book 1- Review

So I'm 1/2 way through the Tortall books (well actually as I write this I’m about 3/4 through them), in the Pursuing the Lioness challenge hosted by Chelle over at Tempting Persephone. I've been particularly looking forward to the last eight books of the series; Protector of the Small series, the two Trickster's books and the two Beka Cooper books.

Protector of the Small books follows Keladry of Midelan, the first girl since Alanna to attempt to become a Knight of the realm. It's been 14 years since the decree went out and Alanna is through the roof excited. What she hasn't anticipated was the resistance the application meets with from the conservatives at court. Kel is in for a tough year, because despite the decree, she'll become only a probationary page and quickly finds not just the conservative adults are against her but some of her teachers and many of her fellow pages as well.

I loved that this book followed the "what if" theory of Alanna's experience but done while fully "out" as a girl. Kel is as different a character from Alanna's as Tamora Pierce could make her, patient, without a temper, big and tall, but in so many ways she's going through the same experience. But one of the similar aspects that make me love this series are the connections she makes by being serious and hard working, the friends and admirers she develops along the way is what makes this series worthwhile. Like Alanna, Kel eventually wins a most dedicated following of amusing friends I'd personally like to have.

Best of all? This is the first of my Tortall books without a seriously embarrassing cover!

First Test, By Tamora Pierce
Published by Random House, August 1999


  1. I love Kel's friends too! Even her animal friends. And yes her personally is very different from Alanna - Kel is levelheaded and never shows anger. I love the cover as well although she doesn't look like she's ten years old.

  2. no they never look the age their supposed to. I mean have you SEEN the kid that's supposed to be Percy Jackson in the movie??!

  3. Oh yeah! I read the first book before I watched the movie. But they changed the ages there so the kids could drive, right?

  4. who knows! I haven't brought myself to watch the movie yet...i was so offended! Alas, nobody wants to acknowledge just how much more impact the books have BECAUSE the kids are so young. I mean an 11 yearold being dropped off at a bus station to head off on their own to kill Medusa and retrieve Zeus's staff. 11, 16 whole different meaning!