Monday, April 19, 2010


The Hubby and I celebrate one year of putting up with each other in the matrimonial state today, and to congratulate ourselves we flew out to NYC on friday, where we have been killing ourselves by walking an average of three miles a day, overeating with exuberance and buying loads of books and carrying said books around with us all day long.  Why buy early and take them back to the abode when you can get your exercise by lugging them around?

We planned to hit up the famed Books of Wonder, the possibly even more famed The Strand, and anything else that suggested it sold books.  On my list to not leave the states without was the final Fablehaven which has been mysteriously absent in Canada despite it's March release date in the states, and anything else spectacular and difficult to find or cheap due to the whole on parr exchange deal.

Apparently I have an uncanny sense for bookstores because in the first few hours here, while meandering Chelsea aimlessly, we found Books of Wonder and then the The Strand, without even knowing where they were located!  Of course my uncanny sense did not lead me to wise choices, as the hubby stumbled upon the shiny new The Sisters Grimm of which I didn't even realize had been released, and which I ended up not buying once I couldn't find Fablehaven.  Alas, when I went back to buy it (mysteriously not finding it at Barnes and Noble when I found Fablehaven) I found out it was only out briefly as a mistake and it's release is not till May 1st, ARGH!!!!

I have bought a whole bevy of beautiful new books though (despite my The Sisters Grimm disappointment) most of which are either signed by the author or were uber inexpensive at the fantastic and wonderful The Strand (18 miles of books, be still my heart).

Tomorrow I will talk a little about the book stores i hearted in NYC, tonight I leave you with a little picture of my stash (two of them belong to the hubby); think of all the great reviews these books will generate!

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