Monday, April 26, 2010

Oddities discovered in New York

So during my perusing at the Strand I ran into this book, Rhiannon by Vicki Grove.  Now my name is fairly unusual in Canada (outside of that terrible Fleetwood Mac song, ugh, yes I was named after it), but it's a very old celtic name which can be really prevalent in Wales.  So I run into it once in a great while in books, but by great while I mean like 3 times in my life (so although I shouldn't admit this, roughly every 10 years).  Needless to say it was surprising when I ran into a book actually called Rhiannon.  Because I had already bought ever so many hardcover books, and I still had to drag them around for a bit, I didn't pick this one up, although it sounded interesting.  Alas, shoppers remorse is the worst part of traveling!

Now this bag would have been an on the spot purchase if it had been in the New York Public Library Shop when I visited.  Look the library lion even has a pigeon on it's head!  How apropos.  Kudos goes to the fact it's made from recycled plastic as well.  But mainly its a super cute bag (also comes in blue) which would be perfect to carry books around in, which I do on a daily basis.

Speaking of the New York Public Library again, the entry to the reading rooms on the top floor had this great quote on the entry.  The Hubby kindly pointed out the author needed some spell checking, ha ha.  Got to love old english.

Finally if you're looking for that great gift for the bookish loved one who has everything might I suggest one of two unique NYC gifts?
Firstly, these too-rich-for-my-blood but beautiful and classy bookends of the NYC public library lions. Priced at 135$ for the marble ones and 165$ for the wood and metal ones, they're not outrageous (as long as you don't plan to ship them anywhere!) but they were a bit pricey, not to mention heavy, to just casually pick up while strolling the city.

Secondly, Books of Wonder is currently showing limited prints of the original artwork for Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  Beautifully done, these prints were pretty affordable and would make a super, one of a kind, gift for the fan in your family.  Want to make it even more special? Give it with a signed copy of of one of Rick Riordan's Olympian books also available at books of wonder.  Or be really canny and get it signed yourself at one of his upcoming tour stops for the Red Pyramid!

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