Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Page, Book 2 in the Protector of the Small series- Review

One hellish probationary year done and Kell is grudgingly allowed to stay on for a further 3 gruelling years of page training, on her path to acquire her shield. Personally I think I would have given up somewhere in the first two months or so, but I’m a geeb when it comes to hard core physical training...gyms seem like antiquidated torture chambers, and I've spent many an evening mocking those boot camp groups who work out in Toronto Parks during the summer.
But that's just me!
Covering the three years of being a page, and her Big Test (needed to advance to the next level and become a page), Kell will discover that success in her probationary period appeased only the fairest minded individuals, and there are still many against her continuing. This year she's also acquired a ladies maid in need of a kind protector, and although her timidness drives Kell crazy, they will both find friendship and much needed womanly companionship. Kell also acquires new friends and cohorts in the newer pages as she completes each year; her patience and skill in teaching makes her the go-to for struggling new pages.
I greatly enjoyed some of the new characters added in this book, Lalasa, Jump, and Owen round out her already good group of friends nicely, and Owen becomes one of my long term favourites. I also really like when Kell begins to have girly tendencies (which thoroughly disgust her), mooning over boys makes life difficult when you're trying to prove you can be one of them! But what I love most is Lord Wyldon's gradual changes towards her, their awkward relationship is endlessly endearing to me as this series progresses.
Page, By Tamora Pierce
Published by Random House, May 2000

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