Saturday, April 24, 2010

A quiet week

I must apologize for my very quiet week. 10 hours a day of walking, visiting and then the fun of air travel and customs on the way home, have all conspired to exhaust me beyond reason.  Then just as I thought I could settle in back at home and get some rest... the house next door had a faulty Ipod charger set it on fire. A really, really BIG fire.
No jokes, late thursday night. Pretty scary, but except for some house debris scattered across our yard, some smoke smears on some of the windows, and a lot of construction dudes trying to overtake our property in the quest to selvage the neighbors, we came out unscathed (well I have some large scratches from trying to cram freaked out cats into carriers in case it spread).  Needless to say this is the first, somewhat restful day I've had in about a week, and I still had to do the mundane stuff like buying groceries and washing cats (seriously, Topaz was filthy! left a dirt pond in the tub, she's an indoor cat where does she find that much dirt??!).
So... the good news? I'm still reading! Although the blogging has been light this week I can promise reviews in the next week of both Octavian Nothing, and the final Fablehaven!! 
I'm currently a third of the way in and it's a smorgasbord of fun and adventure, that seems to broker no disappointment to it's loyal readers.  I love a well planned out, twisty, turny adventure and so far Fablehaven has aced it.
I also have a nearly completed blog from our time in new york about some of my book adventures in the city.  And finally the lovely people at Coteau books have sent me two interesting books, Summer of Fire and Fishtailing, which were here to greet me upon my return from NYC.  So all of this coupled with my fantastic book haul in the Big Apple should keep things interesting for awhile.  Hopefully in an interesting enough way that you can forgive me my absence this past week!

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