Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Squire, book 3 of the Protector of the Small Quartet

Although completing her Big Test to become a Squire was an enormous challenge due to her enemies at court, Kel is quickly discovering that being a girl squire is making it almost as difficult to get a Knight Master to train with for the next four years.  Worse still, Neal ends up with her dream canidate.  But as fortune would have it, this leaves Keladry of Midelan free to become squire to one of the most influential knights of the Realm.  Lord Raoul of Goldenlake, Commander of the Kings Own.

Of the four books the last two are my favorites.  They're action packed and cover some of the most interesting development time for both Kel and her friends.  I also really love the involvement of Raoul, a great side charecter in the Alanna Series that I always wanted to see more of.  In Squire, Kel is forever busy with raids, Immortals, and the busy work of the Kings Own until the Grand Progress starts.  From then on we get to see how the people are begining to love her as much as we do, and Kel finally gets to partake in some romantic girly moments that are well deserved after 6 long years of toughing it out with the boys.

Although no longer being taught by him, we still get moments of Kel and Lord Wyldon's complicated relationship, which are some of my favorite throughout the book.  As well as lots of time spent with Owen, Neal, Cleon, Kel also develops some memorable new relationships with Domitan, some old friends from the Yamani court and several others from the Kings Own.

Kels development and discovery's in this book are influential to what happens in the last, which  happens to be my absoloute favorite of the four, it's fun to watch her come into her own.  But whatever you do, don't stop here, because if you liked Squire you're going to love book four, Lady Knight!

Squire, By Tamora Pierce
Published by Random House, August 2001

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