Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Awakening, Book 7 In my all Canadian month of reading

I'm loving this series more and more as I dig my way into the story.  But if your currently reading book 1 or just about to read book 1, I would strongly advise not reading this review as even the most cursory info on what it's about will present some spoilers.

The Awakening picks up moments after The Summoning leaves off, in the hospital that isn't what it seemed as Chole's aunt Lauren was taking her.  Out of the pot and into the fire, as they say!  Book two starts to shed light on what Chole and the others are exactly and why there are people who want them drugged up or dead.  But as she makes these discoveries it becomes increasingly clear that as impossible as it seems, escape is her only option if she wants to live to see 16.

The Awakening was an absorbing read, the perfect distraction to a less than stellar couple of weeks for me.  I often find it hard to read when I'm in the middle of upsetting personal events, previously only Tamora Pierce or Tolken have gotten me through deaths of loved ones, but these books are continuing to be the perfect therapy for me. 

Again, although there's hints at a possible romantic entanglement, Kelley Armstrong stays focused on the key story and the difficulties of being on the run when you're not even legal to drive, keeping the story far fresher than if it fell into the usual love focus.  I really liked that the first book was largely about being trapped and that the second is largely about being on the run, and I appreciated the short time lapse the two books cover; it gives the story a sense of urgency completely separate from the events occurring in the books. 

Two books in, I can safely say this is a strong series going somewhere super interesting and worth you're reading effort.

The Awakening, The Darkest Powers Book 2, by Kelley Armstrong
Published by Harper Collins, March 2010

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  1. Great review Rhiannon! I have to say I preferred The Summoning to The Awakening. I think more happened in the first, but I still enjoyed it! :) Thanks so much for linking to my review! I have done the same :)