Friday, May 7, 2010

Back to Canadian Author Month!

My absoloute favorite part so far in Timothy and the Dragon's Gate?  This commentary on the job market out of school by Adrienne Kress:

    "Emily dear, it isn't that we aren't proud of you.  We really are.  But be serious for a second.  What sort of career can you expect from being a ninja?  her mother asked, taking a sip of tea.
    "This is insane!" Emily turned to the TV Repairman. (blogers note, her Ninja teacher) "There are plenty of things I could do as a ninja, aren't there?"
    "Well..." said the TV Repairman in his carefull English. "Not really.  Ninja's really aren't all that hot right now.  I guess you could teach."

I laughed for five minutes straight at least.
Go Canadian Authors!

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  1. My good friend Jen, from the uni days, posted on my facebook link this morning that Adrienne Kress is actually her Fiancé's cousin. So look at that! Three degrees of separation between me and my latest Canadian Author!