Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Darklight Review, Book 3 in Canadian Author Month

The plot thickens to the gummy consistency of taffy in the second book of the Wondrous Strange series, Darklight.  Seriously, how's it all going to work out in the end? I'm dying to know!

Sonny and Kelley are thrown into the position of impossible star crossed lovers by a number of things outside of their control.  The big one has to be the whole race issue, but the different worlds they are forced to occupy by the Wild Hunt situation doesn't do much to help.  Add into the mix a surprising Daddy discovery for Sonny and it's looking pretty grim that these two cute kids might make it work.

In a genre where the love story has become a virtual prerequisite to writing anything successful, it's nice to see someone broach it with some different twists.  I especially liked the moments where Sonny or Kelley questioned how well they knew each other,  which, lets face it, would likely happen under the circumstances.  After all, as sticky sweet as it is for two teenagers to fall into unquestionable, life or death, passionate love, instantly (Twilight anyone?) it is refreshing to think that even soul mates can still question the sanity of falling passionately, unquestionably in love instantly.

Like the title implies, Darklight is a much darker story than Wondrous Strange, with Kelley struggling against her ominous left over powers, and Sonny forced to hunt down and kill the remaining faeries of the Wild Hunt.  The Janus guard are also developing some serious problems internally as more rifts in the Central Park gate begin to show up.  But Lesley still manages to imbue Darklight with what is beginning to look like her trademark humor, introducing some great laugh out loud moments despite the mounting tragedies.  Every-bit the page turner Wondrous Strange was, Darklight promises to climax into a very exciting conclusion if part three turns out to be the end.

Darklight, by Lesley Livingston
Published by HarperTeen, December 2009

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