Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rainy sunday's

Yesterday I went on a great long walk with the Hubby and made sure to stop at Chapters to rectify my one big New York book shopping mistake....I bought the new Sisters Grimm book, The Inside Story.  Released yesterday, the light minty book is all kinds of pretty with a fantastic cover picture.  And it looks like it'll break my Canadian Author Month for a few days (I just can't have it sitting there and NOT read it!). 

Speaking of which, Summer of Fire has inspired me to make May my Canadian Author month.  As previously mentioned there will two blips the first being Sisters Grimm and the second being Rick Riordans new book The Red Pyramid , coming out in two days (tuesday May 4th, mark your calendars!).  The Canadian authors I have lined up so far are: Lesley Livingston (Wondrous Strange , and Darklight), Adrienne Kress (Timothy and the Dragon's Gate), and Kelley Armstrong  (the Darkest Powers series) and Wendy Phillips (Fishtailing).  I've finished Wondrous Strange, and will be posting on it tomorrow, and am currently flipping my way through Darklight at an alarming rate (seriously... these books are hard to put down).  Yay Canuks!

Finally, my good news for the day came from Lenore over at Presenting Lenore.  Turns out I won her things I learned in Bologna contest, meaning I'll soon be the proud owner of signed copies of Before I Fall and Tricks!  I've been eyeing up Before I Fall for awhile now so it's super exciting news, but lets be honest, any legit email that begins with you've won is pretty much going to make anyone's day (not so much with the constant spam you've won emails though, ugh).

So I hope my rainy sunday finds you somewhere comfortable, whatever the weather where you are, and makes you think about possible Canadian Authors you enjoy or would like to read.  Please share!