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The Reckoning, book 8 of Canadian Author Month.

I'm sitting here, this 29 degree, 31st day of May 2010, in Toronto, ready to wrap up my very enjoyable Canadian Author Month.  I've just finished book 8 and despite some turmoil at work and the loss of a dearly beloved pet I've covered all the books I intended, met one of the authors, emailed with three more, and hope I've inspired you to consider checking some of them out as well.  I can assure you, we have many JK Rowling/Stephanie Meyer/Rick Riordan caliber authors of our own out here who are very worth your reading time.

So on to The Reckoning!!  Be advised, as before, the content is inevitably going to contain spoilers for those of you who haven't gotten to The Summoning or The Awakening yet, so move ahead with caution (or save this review for when you've caught up!).
If book 1 is primarily about being captured, and book 2 is about being on the run, then book three is about plotting revenge with the rebel group.  Now that I've finished the arc it looks to me, in retrospect, like acts in a play.  Kelley has written this book, as the others, with the type of finesse you'd expect from an already successful author who has many books under her belt already.  But by the last 20 pages I was freaking out thinking, wait..isn't this a trilogy???? How can she possibly wrap this up??!  
The exciting news?  There's more; the even more exciting news?  This series, and this world is carrying on into a new trilogy, about kids from one of the Edison Groups other experiments. 
I, of course, discovered this while madly fishing around on Kelley's website after finishing The Reckoning (after a bad experience on an authors site I don't touch author sites until after I've finished the book), wondering if this had turned into one of those more than three type trilogies.  There I found a sub site for Chloe filled with fun stuff one of which was Kelley talking about the new series and Chloe's ending
"Those who have read The Reckoning know that there were several minor plot threads left unfinished.  This is a good indication that I’m not done with Chloe and the others.  The Darkest Powers trilogy told the story of their first adventure together.  I’m hoping I’ll have the chance to write more!" 
Yay!! I love great big sprawling fantasy series'.

In this same sub site you can find some short stories and a novella that tie into the first trilogy told from either Derek's or Simon and Tori's perspectives.  I haven't gotten to them yet but I'm very excited!

So to summarize, loved the book (you will too if you like either of the first two at all).  The love story finally came all out which was a tad disappointing, though gratifying that it wasn't your average girl meets gorgeous guy, surprise, surprise he actually likes her too type.  The action and reveals keep coming and the ending is exciting in that too be continued way.  I thoroughly enjoy the evil scientist organisation, and I can't wait for Kelley Armstrong to dive into it even more in the next trilogy.

If you liked the books as much as me, you might want to check out Kelley's tour schedule (she was a great speaker when I saw her last month), on it you'll also see two classes she's teaching this summer which sound uber exciting for aspiring writers.

The Reckoning, by Kelley Armstrong
Published by Harper Collins, April 2010

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