Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Red Pyramid

As good as promised, I wrapped up The Red Pyramid last night, and boy oh boy, was it ever fun!

I'm totally headed to Brooklyn and I totally choose Bast!! (let me know your decision when you finish).
I'm with Rick here, I think Bast's my favorite God in this and in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

Fast paced, funny and filled with the kinds of lovable characters Rick Riordan is so masterful at rendering, I'll swear on my book blogging honour that if you liked Percy Jackson and the Olympians you're going to love The Red Pyramid

Sadie and Carter, although totally different from Percy are lovable on their own terms, and I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite between the two of them.  As were the Egyptian Gods which I enjoyed, it would have been boring to have a rehash of the Greek Gods in Egyptian costumes after all.  The Greek gods had a few sly references which introduced the idea of  these various cultures coinciding in today's world which I thought was cool.  Though we're in big trouble if all the worlds ancient gods are all having their own internal mythological struggles every day.  Not that I couldn't use some excitement mind you.

Rick formatted this book with a new spin, a supposed recording made by both Sadie and Carter, the story switches from one point of view to the other which can be very humorous.  I liked getting the opportunity to hear both of their voices and was impressed by how well he was able to write from a 12 year old girls perspective.

To me Rick has officially proved he is a masterful story teller, not a one-off kind of fellow. I think a lot of writers could learn by his example, he has proven that being an author is a job you work at just as tirelessly at as an average run-of-the-mill 9-5 job. He has written one fabulous series, beautifully executed from start to finish and it looks like he'll be building another with the Kane series; that coupled with his every 6 month publication plan has only put me in deeper awe of him than I was already.

The Red Pyramid,The Kane Chronicles, Book 1, By Rick Riordan
Published by Hyperion Books, May 2010


  1. This book was amazing. Do I choose Bast as well...? Is there really any other choice?

  2. Um, maybe for others but Bast is really the only option for awesome people like us.