Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Summoning, book 6 of the May long amazing Canadian author focus!

I've rarely been as creeped out as I was after reading the first chapter of Kelley Armstrong's first book in the Darkest Powers series.  I read it in bed before going to sleep and it even gave me nightmares.
But what an appetite wetter!  I plowed through The Summoning in a mere 3 days even including my time off fussing over and nursing a sick kitty.

Chole has recently turned 15, is your average arts student and doesn't anticipate any earth shattering changes in her life any time soon.  But minutes after starting her first menstrual period she is suddenly being chased down by mangled people, and strapped to a gurney bound for a mental hospital.  Talk about having a bad day in High School.
After a diagnosis of Schizophrenia, Chole finds herself in a small group home called Lyle House with 5 other teenagers.  While working through her issues, she starts to uncover some disturbing truths about herself which will lead to a whole world of trouble if she accepts them.  Necromancer is not the career of choice for most teenagers after all.

A little bit of Heroes (while it was still good), a little bit of the best of X-Men, and a little bit of classic creepy Stephen King, The Summoning was one of the most unusual YA books I've read this year.  It was fabulously good, edge of your seat kind of stuff containing some truly horrifying scenes, but the best part?  No required love story.  Seriously.  Can you believe it? I almost can't and I've just finished it.  There is the tiniest hint of something possible, maybe, but no focused love story.  Honestly what publisher had that epiphany? Girls will read books without love stories? God Bless them!

With a twist ending that will have you racing to the store to pick up book two, make sure you put the Darkest Powers series up at the top of your summer reading list.

The Summoning, by Kelley Armstrong
Published by Harper Collins, March 2009

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  1. Awesone review, Rhiannon! I absolutely loved this book! I couldn't put it down, just so exciting and intriguing! :) Have linked to your review from mine :)