Sunday, May 30, 2010

A weekend filled with exciting book adventures

After a couple of weeks of bad news and sad happenings my luck finally turned and some good started trickling through again. YAY!

Thursday night I headed out to the Supernatural Tour to see Lesley Livingston, and check out two authors I hadn't previously heard of, Kim Harrison and Aprillynn Pike.  It was a cooking hot 30 + degree day, at the end of a week of intense and continual heat and I was feeling a little melty and still not in a sociable mood, but all the same I headed up to Indigo Yorkdale with one good friend and one new friend (yay book blog friends!). 
Boy was I glad I'd made the effort.
The talk and question and answer was interesting, the readings piqued my interest in both Aprillynn Pikes series and Kim Harrison's books, and Lesley Livingston was a joy to meet again now that I'd read her books.  She is absolutely lovely; it is so much fun to meet authors whose work you enjoy and be able to chat about everything from where you bought your glasses to the launch of their next book. 

The three bonuses?  Lesley would like me and my two friends to come out to her book launch for book three (she tattled on the title but swore us to secrecy...but I can tell you it's exciting!), she told me I'd managed to get a 1st edition of Wondrous Strange in the American only hardcover version (if you have the black end papered hard cover you  have a 1st edition too), and last but not least there was a fun swag bag with makeup, a magazine, and some tattoos for the books talked about.

My Canadian Author contest winner was Canadian Author Karen Bass! Congratulations Karen.  Lesley was excited to be signing a book for a fellow Canadian Author.

Then on Friday my contest win from Lenore, over at Presenting Lenore arrived.  A bubble pack filled with two signed books, Tricks and Before I Fall, as well as a cool assortment of bookmarks, and other fun book swag.

Finally, on Friday, after the arrival of Lenore's package I was gripping about still not having any banner art from my artistic hubby (while showing him Lenore's hubbies art on her business card). And Surprise! he'd been working on some AMAZING art for me in secret!!  Lets just say everyone will be insanely jealous when its finished and I can post it.

So although my weekend didn't involve the very exciting BEA (Book Expo America) down in New York, as it did for so many other book blogers, it did pretty well all the same in the exciting book event category.


  1. I'm excited to be getting the book. It will immediately jump to the top of my pile when it arrives. Yes, I allow queue jumping. Encourage it, in fact, when the jumper is a book. :-)