Monday, May 3, 2010

Wondrous Strange on a Faerie filled Beltane

Beltane, the Celtic holiday, was Saturday and I decided to participate in a Faerie filled way. So I cracked open my brand new copy of Wondrous Strange and sat outside in the sunshine wearing my tinkerbell necklace (Hey I got it when I was born, just like Kelley's Shamrock...maybe I am a Faerie Princess!).

Lesley Livingston has created a vibrant and heady series here (if the first book is any indication), its full of real world charm and otherworld wildness. Kelley is 17, newly arrived in New York City and ready to become an actress. She has scored an understudy part in a small theatre groups production of Midsummer’s Night Dream and is minding her own business when she becomes wholly swept up in the beautiful but dangerous politics of the Faerie world. Throw in a handsome Irish changeling and this will be one Halloween she's not likely to soon forget (whoa, you had me at Irish Lesley).

Talk about home grown talent, this is Lesley Livingston's first foray into writing and she's written a first part to a series potentially every bit as enjoyable and colourful as the The Mortal Instruments trilogy and definitely surpassing Twilight in plot (so far). An excellent addition to the paranormal genre of YA, I especially enjoyed the fact she went with the little used Faerie, a subgroup of the genre previously only largely filled by the much darker Holly Black (very exciting news was I picked up the The Poison Eaters while in New York as well, yay Faerie), but I was disappointed to see's match up her books with Need (this is a substantially stronger story when you compare first book to first book, keep in mind I haven't read Captivate yet or Darklight). I hope her Canadian status doesn't keep her out of the spotlight; this book deserves all the hoopla that her American counterparts seem to kick up.

Wondrous Strange, By Lesley Livingston
Published by Harpers Teen, September 2009

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