Sunday, June 20, 2010

before i fall

As I've mentioned, a ways back in the postings, I won this fine book from Lenore over at Presenting Lenore back in early May.  I had been eyeing it up for sometime and I couldn't have been more excited when it winged itself to me in the mail from Germany, signed by the author even!
Albeit it does read : Dear Lucky Winner- Isn't Lenore the BEST?? Happy reading- I hope you enjoy!! Lauren Oliver.  Hahahaha, so Lenore gets a tiny little bit of marketing in my library from here on in!

The first thing I must tell you is: I fell for it, yes, I fell for this book hard.  Lauren Oliver has written a truly lovely first novel, which almost waxes lyrical at times about the every day beauties of life.  This book starts as a teen story and ends as an ode to living life, with a bit of a redemption story mixed in.  But like Going Bovine, the story I walked away with was the reminder to love life, every second of it, good or bad, and to make the most of what you have.

So let me back track for a second, before i fall is about Sam, one of the more popular seniors in her high school.  She's far from perfect, and in fact has fallen into the stereotypical traps of high school popularity.  It's Cupid day, February 12, and a Friday; her plans include: hopefully getting a record number of roses from friends and admirers, going to a party, and ending her virginity with her boyfriend. In that order.  Unfortunately a car crash puts an end to her plans, and her life, until she wakes up the next morning to realise it's Friday February 12th again.  Sounds like Groundhog day right?  Except it isn't, it's actually really enjoyable (I loathed that stupid movie!).

I was pretty sure, during the first run through of the day, I wasn't going to like this book.  I didn't like Sam and I really didn't like her nasty, shallow friends.  The whole thing was written so similar to things I remember about high school (Lauren, we had a cupid day with roses being delivered every period too!), that in all honestly the ugliness was too real and was putting me off.    But as the story progressed I liked that we were shown all the ways these girls were just trying to make up for their own messed up lives, hide in the spotlight as it were.  I also really appreciated that although Sam comes to a realisation of the harm they've inflicted and tries to make up for it, she also still loves her friends despite their faults and can see the good side to each of them. In turn making you see the good in them. See? Redemption.

Fair warning, I cried, a significant amount at the end (and a couple of times close to the end).
Now I can't wait for Lauren's next book, Delirium

before i fall, By Lauren Oliver
Published by Harper Collins, March  2010

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  1. I'm so pleased you loved it! It's one of my all time faves, and Lauren is just so talented (I've read Delirium too...and WOW!)

    I love her inscription too ;)

  2. Very jealous that you've read Delirium!! I can't wait until february!
    What can i say? She's promoting you for the great review!

  3. This book was awesome. I keep thinking about it--Always a good sign. Thanks for linking my review. I can't wait to read Delirium, either, though I don't know what it's about. I bet it'll be good no matter what the subject matter is!