Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Early to Death, Early to Rise- Kim Harrison

Early to Death, Early to Rise, Madison gets her first chance at seeing if she can change how the Dark versus Light save souls. Barnabas, Nakita and Grace are on board to help but convincing them to change centuries old practices will take skill and subtlety. Will Madison be able to pull it off while Ron and his apprentice attempt to stop her and the Seraphs watch to see if she can be successful?

So the story is coming together a bit more for me now. I’ve largely sorted out the basic working of this whole light versus dark timekeeper, light versus dark reaper business. Mostly. Of course I’m still finding that Kim Harrison occasionally launches the reader into these fast paced scenes that end up being confusing rather than nail biting.  For a veteran writer I feel like her writing should be far more fluid than it is, it’s been hard for me to pinpoint but I think Madison’s first person thoughts on the matter are part of what confuse these scenes. If i'm only as knowledgable as her, than by golly she's pretty lost!

And Great and Merciful God! If she uses one more of her “Son of a Puppy” or “Puppy accidents on the Carpet” 1001 variations one more time I’ll start to scream. Seriously, it felt like she used one of them half a dozen times each chapter, and it was awkward and annoying every single time! Considering she used Crap on several occasions I didn’t get the impression she was trying to avoid swearing, but honestly, whatever her intention with it, I have sincerely wished (for 240 pages) her editor had put her foot down at some point about it.

In its favour? The story really is shaping up better than the first; I found the story arc of this book way more compelling than the Once Dead, Twice Shy. I’m still finding it hard to get into the characters, and the jokes (I think they're jokes) are falling flat for me. Would I keep reading this series? Borrowed probably, but I certainly won’t be chasing it down. I’m curious where Kim Harrison is going, but I can’t say I’m enjoying the journey enough to recommend to others or to pursue it financially.

Early to Death, Early to Rise, By Kim Harrison
Published by HarperCollins, May 2010


  1. Madison is officially the new Dark Timekeeper. This second book is better than the first one. The first book was harder to follow because of the intricate world-building, but now it was laid out, this second book allows you to follow the story of Madison as she attempts to balance her Timekeeper duties with her life. The large cast of characters are interesting, and the book length is fine, as the plot is laid out well. Less action than in the first book, but more character.
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  2. Highly recommended for Harrison fans and for anyone else who enjoys tales of supernatural magic, the walking dead, and girls making the best of their situation.

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