Sunday, June 6, 2010

Exciting new books, out now and coming up!!

So it's been a surprisingly exciting week for new books.  Apparently I've been missing out on some important release announcements and didn't know it!  But what a nice surprise when you get to the book store for a sale and run into them all!!

Released yesterday, Stephenie Meyers latest book in the Twilight world, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.  You have two options for this book
1-buy it to add to your bookshelf and round out the Twilight collection or
2- read it online for free starting June 7th.  Either way Stephenie Meyer has posted her play list for it already (they're lots of fun reading too so I highly recommend it).  At 192 pages (amazon's number, I'm pretty sure my copy only had 167 or something)  it really can only be considered a little palette cleanser between books but hey, I'm looking forward to it.  If you live in Canada Chapters/Indigo will sell it to you for 9.99$ when you purchase it with another teen book (until June 16th), and if you do it before close today you'll get an extra 20% off of that!  At 7.99$  I feel a lot less guilty about not just reading it online, I do so hate reading books online after all.

Released May 25th (almost two whole weeks ago, how did I miss it??!) The Necromancer, part 4 inThe Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series.  Now listen, I run hot and cold on this series.  I have moments where I don't like any of the characters, but the action is great and if I wasn't reading these babies with a year between books then I think I would dig them a lot more.  The break in between cliff hangers is kind of killing the suspense for me, and also I think the character redemption's are getting lost in the time lapse too.  I'll probably dig into this book shortly then double back to read the others and see how it holds up now that there are 4 I can read in one go. 
I'm guessing part of why I missed this announcement would be the fact that random house's sub site for the series doesn't actually have any info on this book...seriously!  It just contains the mysterious question mark cover with BOOK 4 on it, very very odd.  For more thorough info visit Michael Scotts site directly.

Released April 27th (gack!! over a month ago!!! how come this is only hitting the front shelves now??!) Under Heaven, Guy Gavriel Kay's new novel.  It's been two years since Ysabel, and a monstrously huge new Guy Gavriel Kay book sitting on the bookshelf makes me about as happy as can be.  Unfortunately it has monstrously huge price tag too (37.00$ Canadian) so try to get it on sale or off amazon, the sale I mentioned earlier applies to this book until the end of today at Chapters and Indigo, and it'll save you 50% making it much more reasonably priced. 
My only regret is that I didn't hit upon it sooner as it would have been an awesome add on to my Canadian Author month (he was born in Saskatchewan folks, just like me!) and also he did several events around town recently that I missed. grrr.

Releasing July 20th (later in the States) The Artemis Fowl & The Atlantis Complex.  Yay!! with his break for his Hitchhikers novel I've been dying for more Artemis Fowl. Seriously, I love the little bugger and his crazy antics with the LEPrecon.  I'm still bummed about not hearing Eoin Colfer speak this past fall, stupid staff meetings anyhow!

So, obviously I came home with MORE new books yesterday.  Time to pick up the reading speed and get down to business!  Currently I'm about two thirds of the way of a really neat little book called The Undrowned Child, by Michelle Lovric.  It has the most all time beautiful cover art and the story ain't too shabby either.  In all likely hood you can expect a nice little review by Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest.  Until then, happy book shopping!

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