Thursday, July 15, 2010

13 days down, 2 to go!

So the hubby and I are nearing the end of a mega family visit.  My mom has been here for 13 days and his mom, step dad, and brother all arrived yesterday evening.  Needless to say a lot of sleep, quiet time, and a big booze up, will be needed to equilibrate come sunday evening!

My reading has been, quite obviously from my posts, sadly thin on the ground.  And as per usual my apology involves a cute cat episode.  Today I've posted my first Utube video, if a cat playing with an iPad can garner 300,000 hits then surely my cuties can do the same.

I present you with Thurman, our current foster (who incidentally the hubby and I really, really want to keep, but seriously, do I want to be the 4 cat girl??!).  I suppose when you have enough cats in the house (my mom is visiting with hers, so our number is at 5 right now), then it's only natural for them to start to specialize in various areas.  Thurman has become the household masseuse.  And our recently adopted cat Baxter, truly loves reaping the rewards of Thurman's talents.  I present you with the Kitten Massage parlor

And because I haven't completely stopped reading, I can promise that in the next few days I'll be rolling out reviews for The Time Quake (Gideon Trilogy), and Spells!  Enjoy, and happy Thursday!

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  1. keee-yot! Thurman totally reminds me of Beanie when he was a baby!