Sunday, July 11, 2010

2010 Debut Author Challenge, over at the Story Siren!

Well Ladies and Gents, while catching up on other blogs this weekend, I stumbled across The Story Siren's Debut Author Challenge.  Now I'm not entirely sure how I've missed this in previous weeks and months but with the number of debut author's I've read I thought I better join up pronto.  Two wonderful reasons you should as well, you ask me? 
1. Debut Authors are some appreciative folks who love your plugs for their books.  And who could be more deserving than those who are trying to make their first mark on the reading world?
2. Fantastic chances, every month, for amazing prize packs, including more debut author works!

So here's my official starter proposal for the Debut books I'm going to try and get to before December 31st:
1- before i fall, By Lauren Oliver
2- The Body Finder, By Kimberly Derting
3- The Iron King, By Julie Kagawa
4- Knightley Academy, By Violet Haberdasher
5- Tyger Tyger, By Kersten Hamilton
6- The Clockwork Three, By Matthew Kirby

Obviously I'll add more as I can but this seems  like a nice healthy starter proposal (you'll notice I've cheated a little tiny bit by putting in before i fall which I've already read, you just have to do that sometimes with lists people!  It makes them feel less daunting!).  I'm going to link my reviews to this post, as opposed to when I link them to Amazon for your purchasing pleasure.  Follow through to the review and all the links to the authors blog and Amazon will be as per usual.

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