Saturday, July 24, 2010

American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot- By Craig Ferguson

An off the cuff birthday present from the hubby, American on Purpose landed in my lap without my even knowing it existed.  I'm a big Craig Ferguson fan, and I love the Late Late show but am generally far to old, responsible and sleepy to stay up for it these days (I mean it doesn't start until midnight local time out here).  So I missed any mention of him writing a biography.

Well lucky me! Because what a terrific, surprising read it was.

Obviously I've been on a huge YA bender lately, barely mixing it up with the occasional Middle school book and the even more occasional historical book.  But I tossed everything to the side for Craig and jumped right in to it. 

Refreshing, hysterical, completely honest without being awful to those he's hurt in his life, Craig tells the story of his childhood in Scotland, his alcholism, his struggles with employment etc. right up until nowish in his life.  It was oddly uplifting, I mean he's come out pretty good, and gosh, if he can clear through 250,000$ + of debt then the rest of us should be able to deal with whatever paltry sums we have owing on homes, student loans, credit cards etc. right?! 

More than anything though he made me laugh out loud, a lot.  And that's an accomplishment with a book, few are funny enough to get passed the grin stages and into the embarrassing guffaws in public.  But if I wasn't laughing I was almost always smiling, even his bad times are filled with stories of the great people who cared enough to help him and the positive funny things that happened.

So if your stuck in a rut with your reading, or if you love Craig Ferguson, or even if you just want to laugh out loud, I highly recommend you pick up American on Purpose today. 

American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot, by Craig Ferguson
Published by It books, May 2010


  1. Forgot that he wrote a book! Ack...another book for the huge TBR list :oP I'm with you on the late time his show is on. I use my handy DVR (a nice investment) to tape the show. He's probably second only to Carson.

  2. hmmmm DVR, maybe i should step into the future already!