Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cassandra Clare and Clockwork Angel News!

So three major bits of news were announced on Cassandra Clare's blog Saturday afternoon.

First off, the prize she offered out last year at her Bryant Park signing in New York is now available to everyone! Jocelyns back story, from her point of view.  And yes, its's more detailed than the blurb in City of Glass, and yes it's full of spoilers if you haven't completed The Mortal Instruments Series yet.  Want to read it?  Check it out here: Jocelyn's Story, by Cassandra Clare

Secondly Cassandra is doing a Q & A, and signing at Barnes and Nobles (Union Square location NYC) on August 4th.  She'll be making the, now annual, announcements about all her top secret up and coming projects.  But best of all she'll be doing an online Q & A plus announcements at 5pm Est the same day for all of us who can't pop up in New York for a one day signing.
 I'd be a big fat, pants on fire, liar if I told you I had any idea how these live stream things work.  But boy oh boy I'm going to figure it out because those RSVP'd are entered for a fab prize pack (honestly the three runner ups get the WAY better prize).  So head on over to USTREAM.TV/SIMONANDSCHUSTER (i'm  guessing dot com), and sign up for your chance to win.

Finally, for those of you following the supposedly monthly excerpts and teasers leading up to the August 31st release of The Clockwork Angel, the second last one is posted.  It's brief and not very fufilling, I'm just warning you! Check it out here: The Clockwork Angel June Excerpt, by Cassandra Clare.

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