Friday, July 16, 2010

The Cats House, by Bob Walker on Feline Fridays!

Last friday was my, urm... well I'm telling everyone it was my 22nd year on this earth.  And since all my friends and family know there are three things I love on earth, books, cooking and cats (not necessarily in that order), I did well in all three categories!  Well ok, nobody gave to my adopt Thurman fund but , I got a book about cats!

The Cats' House, by Bob Walker, is an awesome, awesome photo book of possibly my dream house.  Bob and his wife are cat and art collectors living in San Diego, who've spent years turning their house into an art piece for humans and a giant wild jungle gym for their fuzzy kids.  I've never seen anything so cat friendly that's also attractive, come on... kitty condo's might be some of the most fun investments for feline friends but they're seriously nasty home decor.

It's a little whimsical read, with Bob talking about their various adoptees, how they got into building all the walkways, lounge areas and toys, the adoption center they support and how to build similar things for your cats.  It's a really fun book for anyone interested in cats, unusual architecture or for those who just like the odd ball coffee table books.  And Hey! I think we all should get busy and come up with something similar for our fuzzy kids, looks like heaven from the looks on Bob's cats faces!

Happy Feline Friday!

The Cats' House, By Bob Walker
Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing, April 2009