Monday, July 26, 2010

A Con I can seriously get pee-your-pants excited about!

This morning I randomly discovered the most exciting Con I've ever heard of!  The Leaky Con 2011, a Harry Potter extravaganza, happening in Florida in and around the Theme Park.
But wait! It gets better!  There's a Lit Day!  Arranged and organised by Maureen Johnson, it already has a stellar list of Authors and Agents. The great and magnificent Libba Bray and her husband the super agent are both already listed as attendees.

"Reserve your spot at the biggest Harry Potter party IN HISTORY: watch the final film with your fellow fans, revel in wizard rock and special guest appearances, take part in this spectacular community while raising money for worthwhile causes."

I'm literally dancing around in my seat in anticipation of rushing home tonight to book me and the hubby Rock Star passes (yup the whole deal people, why fly to Florida for anything less?).  We were planning on doing Venice next year but boy oh boy! Does Harry Potter ever take precedence!

Prices go up in September, so get in early and pre-buy your tickets, I hope to see all of you there!

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