Friday, July 2, 2010

Feline Fridays and my 100th Post!

Today I will share with you the antics of my week.  I have three cats, and one foster kitten currently, all infested with Beaver Fever.  It's not what you would think.
It's a very persistent parasite, communicable to people (yes, sigh, I have it too!) and it's treated with, apparently, the most disgusting tasting medicine on earth (I'm just going on my cats reaction to it folks!), twice a day for seven days.
So after much fighting and running away, we finally completed the cycle yesterday, only to be faced with bathing them all as a final precaution.
Did I mention that my mom is flying in tonight? or that the hubbies mom is coming in a week?  Yah, bad timing!  So in the midst of house cleaning, there was kitty cleaning.
As you can see, everyone was thoroughly impressed by the ordeal (you should have seen them when I then brought out the vacuum!).

Hoping your week was slightly less eventful,
Happy Feline Fridays!

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