Friday, July 23, 2010

The loss of a great Bloggers really great cat- Feline Fridays

Most book bloggers, and book blog readers know about the lovely Lenore at Presenting Lenore.  And many of us have eagerly sought out her blog each and every Tuesday to see her weekly post on her adorable Fuzzy kids, Emmy and Finn.

Sadly, Finn passed away suddenly over the weekend.

Since Feline Fridays was partially inspired by the fact that Lenore's tuesday cat posting was hugely popular (ie- i wouldn't be deemed the crazy cat lady to do a weekly cat type post of my own), it seems only fitting that I would honor Finn here this Friday.

To Finn, a greatly entertaining cat, who's managed to put a smile on my face every week despite the fact he lives half way across the world from me and I've never met him.  May we all go on to have equally as joyful experiences with our pets as Lenore and Daniel had with Finn over the past year and a half.