Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spells, By Aprilynne Pike

Book 2 in the series, Spells delves deeper into what it means for Laurel to be a faerie, starting off with an 8 week course in Avalon to correct her woeful lack of studies as a Fall Faerie.  I refuse to get into more of the plot line because
A) it's not necessary to the review, and
B) why give away anything about a book I know you're DYING to read anyhow (or at least I hope you are, because dude! I was!).

Coming into this series I only knew two things about it.
1- It was about Faeries and
2-Aprilynne Pike puts a caste system into her faerie mythology.
 At the Supernatural Tour (where I first heard of the series) Aprilynne did a reading from Spells; specifically from a part talking about the caste issues. The reading was the main reason my good friend Jenna and I were intrigued by the books in the first place, and we haven't been disappointed.

Fast paced, and full of complications brought on by the life of being a Faerie pretending to be a human, Laurel's story is still very absorbing in book two.  Her developing love triangle springing from her two very different lives adds that little bit of tension that we all love so much, and a big cliff hanger for the ending!  But most of all I really enjoy Aprilynnes take on the mythology, the caste system, the wars with the Trolls, the blossoms, these are all things done differently enough I don't feel like I'm just reading another Faerie book.  It's fun and refreshing when there's an entirely new spin on something and she's managed to do that in an engaging, page turning way.

Now honestly, how am I going to hold out for the next two books?

Spells, by Aprilynne Pike
Published by HarperTeen May 2010

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