Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer heat wave, and summer reading

So you may have heard, my part of the world is suffering through summer more akin to those in India than Canada.  I won't lie, i'm waiting for my books and clothes to start to rot from the extreme heat and humidity.  And as I suffer through the 45 degree days with humidity I find that one of the few things that still appeal to me is reading (absolutely the most shocking answer I know! But its true).  Granted I have family visiting this week and next so it limits the reading (my mom is reading eclipse again though, seems she never realized there was a fourth book in the twilight series, hahahahah), but I have to say all I spend my days wanting to do is to curl up in a hammock with an icy glass of something to drink and a book.

Now several blogs have brought up what your favorite summer reading is, and in fact Lauren Oliver (of before i fall) even ran a contest about it, and I was seriously gratified to see that I was far from the only person who's number one favorite summer read was Harry Potter.  But it got me to thinking about why some books were my "summer" books and why others were more my "winter" books.  My theory is it's a bit of nostalgia for the first time you read them, Harry Potter was always (as far as I can remember anyhow) released in the summer.  And every time there was a new one, I would read it, then go back to the begining and read them all including the newest one.  Meaning I was, by about book 4, spending several weeks in a summer entirely consumed by Hogwarts, or at Hogwarts as the hubby is fond of saying.  So now it just doesn't seem like a complete summer without a good old sit down with Harry, Ron, Hermione and the gang.

The same with Percy Jackson and the Olympians, super summer read that now seems like a necessary part of the summer repertoire.  I can't wait to see if one of my new books will become part of the must reads of summer!

So what is it you'll be reading this summer?

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