Monday, August 9, 2010

Cassandra Clare's big Mortal Instruments news!

So during her big online/signing announcements, Cassandra Clare gave out some truly exciting news.  The Mortal Instruments series has been expanded, again. 

 Originally a three part story arc, The Mortal Instruments was first expanded to include a three part prequel series The Infernal Devices; then expanded again to include a one off story following Simon and his issues with the mark of Cain, making The Mortal Instruments 4 parts.  The official announcement is that Simon's story, City of Fallen Angels, has morphed into another 3 part story arc.  That's right, The Mortal Instruments, when finally complete will now be a nine part story series (including The Infernal Devices Prequels).  Apparently Cassandra Clare is of the Go Big or Go Home writing population, here's her explanation of how the story grew:
Then, in October of last year, I sat down to start writing the story of City of Fallen Angels. I had a detailed outline based in part on the graphic novel idea I had had, but when it came to expanding the outline and writing the story, it just wasn’t working for me. I was on a writing retreat in Mexico with a number of other writers, and when we sat down to go over the issues I was having, I realized that the story I had thought I was telling was really a much bigger story — that my smaller, Simon-centric story had morphed into something much bigger, much more epic, and deeply involving the whole cast of characters from the first three Mortal Instruments books. I realized that what I had on my hands was not a single book that would wrap up the story begun in The Mortal Instruments, but rather the beginning of a new trilogy about these characters. (The fun part was calling my agent and editor to explain “You know that one book I was going to write? Well, actually, it’s three books!” I like to think I could hear heads hitting desks all through Simon and Schuster.) But when I submitted the outlines for the new Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, and City of Heavenly Fire, they were thrilled with the idea of the new trilogy — and I hope readers will be as well!

I couldn't be happier, I loved Cassie's characters and world so much I'm quite happy to go back for 6 more books.  That said, the first book of The Infernal Devices, Clockwork Angel, comes out in 22 more days (see widget below!, also if you click on the corner you get to look at all 9 books in a row. pretty). 
 Yes I am wishing away my month for both Clockwork Angel and Mockingjay...who isn't??!

Also, it would appear that the bonus chapters in the soft cover of City of Glass, are the first chapters of Clockwork Angel and City of Fallen AngelsClockwork Angel Chapter is available here, but the City of Fallen Angels is embargoed (meaning no ARC's and the only way to read the chapter is to buy the soft cover of City of Glass), but you can read her blips she's been posting to twitter.  She's collected them here.

p to the s- added this morning is an entertaining assortment of 40 additional questions Cassandra Clare couldn't get to last Wednesday.  My fav response?  That the actress who played Elizabeth Bennett on the BBC mini series of Pride and Prejudice is doing the audio book for Clockwork Angel!  Too cool, I might have to listen to that at some point!

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  1. OH MY GOD i CANNOT wait for this...series comes out,i loved,Loved,LOVED the mortal instruments series, it was probably the best series i have ever read!!!!!!!!!