Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dexter By Design- Review

I was watching Burn notice the other night and realised that Miami has been a hot place over the years for TV and book settings.  Between Dexter the TV show, Jeff Lindsay's Dexter books, Burn Notice, CSI miami (ugh hate that show!), The Birdcage (the movie), The Golden Girls and of course Miami Vice, among many many others, I feel like I've been there many times.  Despite the fact I've never set foot in Florida, ever

One of the things I love best about Jeff Lindsay's books are his great and loving descriptions of Miami.  Whether its the heat, the psychotic traffic or just the to die for Cuban sandwiches, I always feel the hot sun on my skin and the Cuban vibe while reading the Dexter books.  That coupled with Dexter very humorous, very dry monologue, it can be safely said that Jeff Lindsay has created a character I will happily follow for many many books. Which is ultimately the goal of any kind of serial crime or detective type book.  Dexter can be my 21st Century Poirot.

Newly married Dexter is trailing along behind Rita through her whirlwind tour of Paris, loathing most every minute of it, when they stumble on an art exhibit setting the tone of the rest of the novel.  When they arrive back in Miami Dexter is launched into the search for a similar artist who just might be a serial  killer as well.  But thrown into the mix is Cody and Astor's training, Cub Scouts and a serious risk to Debs health.  Dexter will have to live up to his new family man status and start juggling a lot more than just the needs of his Dark Passenger, the question is, will pesky human emotions start to get in his way after all these years.

Back to his funny, clueless self after his run in with Moloch, Dexter by Design had me laughing out loud as well as seriously concerned about some of the tight corners he managed to wedge himself in.  The Rita surprise at the end had me in tears and I now can't wait till September 7th for Dexter Is Delicious.  In fact to celebrate I've found the perfect thing!  A small sandwich shop at Yonge and Dundas square proudly proclaiming they have Cuban sandwiches made just like in Miami!  After so many yummy sounding descriptions of them I can't wait to bit into one for real and see what the fuss is about.  It's not Miami, but it's as close as I'll be getting for awhile.  So expect to see me camped eating a Cuban sandwich and with my nose buried in Dexter Is Delicious two weeks from Wednesday. 

Dexter by Design, By Jeff Linday
Published by Vintage, February 2009


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