Monday, August 30, 2010

Dexter is Delicious- Review

Dexter is back in full serial killer next door style in Dexter Is Delicious, Jeff Lindsay's latest entry in the Dexter series, due out in stores September 7th. The charming people of Doubleday were kind enough to send me an advanced copy, which made my Wednesday afternoon when I pulled in from work. I wasted no time clearing through the ending of Mockinjay and diving straight into Dexter's latest antics.

We meet up with Dexter in the maternity ward, mooning over his new daughter Lily Anne. He's being overcome by his first ever wave of emotion and is dealing with it in his usual awkward, Dexter-like way, when it occurs to him that maybe he should give up the dark passenger playtime in his new daddy state. Unfortunately his timing is bad, what with the wave of cannibalism washing through Miami, the surprise visit by his brother in darkness Brian and the usual grumpy demands from his sister Deborah. What remains to be seen is if his family will let him give up his serial killer ways or if they'll demand he continue on with his Dexter brand of crime watchers.

Uproariously funny as usual, Dexter Is Delicious manages to carve new ground in the series with the birth of Lily Anne and thus Dexter's emotional roller coaster. Astor and Cody continue to be some of my favorite characters followed closely by gutter mouth Deb. There is a lovely scene that comprises of Deb repeating Shit in an endless variety of ways which still makes me giggle to think of it. But most rewarding of all, watching the mystery unwind slowly to its gory and triumphant peak, while normally nimble Dexter ambles hopelessly confused by emotion behind. Can Jeff Lindsay and all his rhyming Dexter didies get any better than this? I'm sure he can, and the twist at the end has me eagerly anticipating the next Dexter title (Sigh, and this one hasn't even come out yet!!)

At least I have the imminently exciting Season 5 of Dexter the TV show to tide me over for a little while in between! (September 26th seems to be the date we finally get to see where last seasons major cliff hanger will end up going).

Dexter Is Delicious, By Jeff Lindsay
Published by Doubleday, September 7th 2010