Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A long awaited, spectacular, Banner!!

So the hubby finally sat down and started sketching me a banner as a surprise early birthday present back in early June.  It was completed, colored and in my very excited hands in mid June.  At which point I spent a month and half trying to get it to load properly onto my blog!! ##$@%^^!!.... (i am not exaggerating time lines at all here, not even slightly).

Of course you would think I would have long ago learned my lesson and realized sometimes it takes a fresh look at something to figure out simple problems.  But no no, I stubbornly persisted until last night.
 Last night I bailed.
I emailed my good friend  Mel from The Streets I Know (even though she just lives upstairs) to stop by and have a look for me.
We spent a good hour fussing over HTML code neither of us fully understood only for her to figure out today that I was just having a sizing problem (seriously, i must have re-sized it on my own forty seven times, but who am I to complain now its working...right?)

Anywho, one way or another I finally have my much coveted piece of one-of-a-kind banner art!  It's official, this blog has been branded.  You'll notice the hubby has a witty array of fictional characters dancing around my head, I'm going to post a who's who next week but in the meantime see if you can guess who they are.  They're all fairly well known, some of them in extremes, so I can't wait to hear your guesses!

Many thanks to my wonderfully talented husband Ryan Keith, please check out his other fab work over at his Deviant Art page.


  1. Gorgeous, fabulous banner!
    I love the colors you've chosen for the site.
    It really POPS!

    Also, as someone who always wears a Gory cat necklace, I'm glad to know about the book of interviews.


  2. glad to help. it totally does take a fresh set of eyes sometimes to figure stuff out. it also helps that i am stubborn too and on top of the a virgo with OCD and a tendency for perfectionism. So between the two of us we were bound to figure it out soon or later. i'm glad it was soon thought. cheers!

  3. Well Maxine, I'm all about colours! And the Edward Gorey book is a lot of fun, you should pick it up.

    Mel, well I persisted till I was blue in the face, then I really needed to call in fresh eyes. So glad they live so close!