Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mockingjay... A quick reminder

So Tuesday the 24th is the official release date of the highly anticipated last part in the Hunger games series, Mockingjay.  At long last we can all know the outcome of Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch and all the others as they battle to survive in their difficult world.
If you somehow missed the hype and haven't picked up the books yet, then run out Tuesday and get the whole set at once (trust me you won't want to pause for runs to the bookstore).  Barring some catastrophic thing like a poor ending (which I doubt) this series has set itself up to be one of the top ten I've ever read.

For the die hards in Canada, Indigo has announced they're doing midnight release part for Mockingjay! There's going to be a whole whack of fun Hunger Games related activities, including cupcake decorating (who won't need a sugar fix that time of night?), and some kind of "real hunger games" to compete for first in line (sounds like an observation activity to me, I do have to work the next day).  So if your a downtown torontonian then I'll see you in line late Monday night up at Yorkdale mall! (ugh, Yorkdale, I know! they really need to start doing these things down at their Bay and Yonge store!).

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