Monday, August 2, 2010

The Mysterious Benedict Society- Review

I've been coveting the The Mysterious Benedict Society series for awhile now.  A great sounding premise, coupled with awesome cover art made it one of those irresistible purchases.  Of course I didn't pick it up for ages! So the Hubby bought me all three at once so I could finally be initiated, and see if I was The Mysterious Benedict Society material.

The premise to the first book is pretty simple, four children are brought together by an add in the paper.  After passing a number of odd and challenging tests, they're introduced to Mr Benedict, who lets them know the world is in deep, deep trouble.  And guess who are the only four who can save it?  Well, they'll have a small amount of outside help, but largely Kate, Reynie, Sticky and Constance have been hand picked to get the job done.

Fun and very amusing, Kate, Reynie, Sticky and Constance's quest is one part James Bond/MacGiver, and one part Nancy Drew.  Constance Contraire, lives up to her name and is endlessly amusing as the difficult member of the gang, and for me at least, the favorite.  But all the members are charming in their own way, Kate with her circus background, Reynie for his sincerity and Sticky for his many little stutters and nervous ticks.

A fully realised story, with no cliff hanger ending means I didn't feel the need to rush straight to the next one, The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey, but I'm glad I have it.  These kids are too much fun not to catch up with them again soon.

The Mysterious Benedict Society, By Trenton Lee Stewart
Published by Little Brown Books for Young Readers, April 2008


  1. I LOVED The Mysterious Benedict Society. My daughter brought the first book home when she was in the fourth grade book club and I sat up all night reading it. Then we found the second book several months ago, another can't put it down until it's finished reading, and now we are waiting for that popular big box store to get the third one in. This series will definitely be a classic.

  2. Yah it has great potential, and I do so love Constance. If it wasn't such a crazy month for hightly anticipated releases I would surely be on the second one already. But I can't say no to Artemis Fowl